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and how you can fast-track them

Better results come when you have clarity on what you want to achieve.


We only work with business that are ready for a change – in their culture, systems, people and results.


Have you ever had a 12 hours result-less working day in your business?

Have you ever thought that no one else would be able to replace you inside your company?

Have you ever pictured yourself going back to a 9 to 5 job because you weren’t achieving the results you wanted in your business?

You are not alone. Many business owners have been there – me included! The difference between those who gave up to those who thrive starts with a small change of perspective:  you and your business are diferent things

The purpose of having a business is to experience the best this world can offer us. Life should be much more than a stressful job, with no satisfaction and not “good-enough” results…

This is what Patricia does. She supports her clients to transition from working in their business to work on their business. We will build the  necessary systems and structures to make your business run by itself, we will work in your teams to create better synergy and to build inspiring leaders, and we combine systems and people to generate your business success.

“I approached Patricia at a time in my life when I needed to work on my self-confidence. I was planning on starting my own business but lack of self-confidence, along with low self-esteem and self-worth were holding me back in a big way. Patricia coached me using a variety of techniques which took me deep within myself and revealed to me my negative beliefs, their origins and methods to deal with them. After a few sessions with Patricia I felt so much lighter and freer and found myself eagerly taking actions where I used to hesitate before. I would recommend Patricia to anyone who wants to achieve more in life but find themselves holding themselves back. Thank you Patricia for helping me gain my confidence back. “

Bandanda Biswas,

Director, Surge Coaching

“Before coaching with Patricia, I was experiencing challenges in time management and procrastination.  I was feeling out of focus and with very little drive and determination. Through the coaching with Patricia, I realised that I was not giving myself permission to follow my passion to the level that I wanted.   As a result of working with Patricia Martins, I am now following my passion of coaching and building a coaching business.  I feel excited and enthused by this and am excited about the future. I would recommend Patricia Martins to anyone who wants to gain clarity in their life regarding their passion, goals and vision for their life.   Patricia provides a supportive environment in her coaching.  Her approach in coaching empowers you along to reach your full potential.”

Sohret Hussein

Director, Inspire You Personal Success